Otter Wax Leather Oil

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Developed by hand in a home kitchen in Portland, Oregon, as an alternative to paraffin-based waterproofing products, Otter Wax products contain ethically harvested all-natural ingredients. Otter Wax Leather Oil utilises a base of flaxseed oil that gives your leather a deep shine and incorporates a special blend of vitamin E and mixed tocopherols to nourish, restore and protect your leather. Otter Wax Leather Oil is free from chemicals, preservatives, silicone or petroleum products.  This product is safe to use on any color or leather and contains no artificial dyes or colouration chemicals. Otter Wax Leather Oil Shine Serum is a non-toxic formula suitable for use on leather shoes, hats, jackets, bags, furniture, auto interiors and more. For cleaning leather, we recommend Otter Wax Saddle Soap.

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